Perfectly easy homemade jam cake

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The recipe for this cake is very old and our family appreciates it for its simplicity and quick preparation. The jam for the sponge cake should be whatever you like, but I always use sour jam to balance the taste with the sweet cream.

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Perfectly easy homemade jam cake


  • flour 2 cups;
  • Kefir 1 cup;
  • jam 1 cup;
  • eggs 2 pcs;
  • sugar 1 cup;
  • baking soda 2 tsp.

For the cream you need:

  • sour cream, 2 cups;
  • powdered sugar, a cup or half according to your taste.


Choose jam with sourness – blackberries, currants, cherries, etc.

Start beating the eggs and in the process add the sugar, beat until the sugar dissolves and add the kefir and the jam.

Sift the flour and enter in batches into the mass, pour the baking soda and mix.

Divide the dough into 2 parts and we will bake 2 cakes in forms lined with parchment.

Perfectly easy homemade jam cake

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake until tender.

Cool the biscuits and cut them into two layers.

For the cream, whip the sour cream and powder.

Perfectly easy homemade jam cake

When you form the cake, smearing the cakes with the cream, put berries on the cream, then the cake will be very tasty.

Send it to the fridge to infuse for a few hours.

You can also decorate the cake with berries, grated chocolate or just sprinkle with cocoa.

Perfectly easy homemade jam cake

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