Panini with dried tomato filling

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Panini with dried tomato filling

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  • Fresh yeast-1/2 cc (20 gr.)
  • olive oil-50 ml. and a little to coat the top
  • honey-1,5 tbsp.
  • Wheat flour (for those who live in Germany, flour type 550, containing more protein and particularly suitable for yeast dough)-500 gr.
  • salt – 1,5 tsp.
  • some fresh basil, fresh oregano (leaves only)
  • tomatoes (sweet, fragrant, better the twigs, they are particularly sweet)-6-7 pcs.
  • salt, freshly ground black pepper


Crumble yeast in a bowl.

Add 250 ml of slightly warm water, 50 ml of olive oil and honey.

Stir everything very well, until the yeast has dissolved.

In a large bowl pour the flour and make a fairly large depression in the center.

Pour salt evenly around the edge of the flour

Pour the yeast mixture into the cavity and slowly, gradually add flour from the sides

Form the dough first in the bowl, then place it on a floured surface and knead thoroughly for 5 minutes.

The dough should be very smooth and soft, it should not stick to your hands (if necessary, add some flour)

Put the dough in a greased with olive oil deep container, cover with a damp cloth and leave to rise until the dough doubles in volume

While the dough is rising, prepare the dried tomatoes as follows:

Cut the tomatoes crosswise, pour boiling water on them for about three minutes.

Rinse with cold water, peel off the skin, cut, remove the seeds and juice, cut into wedges and place on a baking tray lined with parchment.

Season tomato slices with salt and pepper.

Panini with dried tomato filling

Put the tray with the tomato slices in a preheated oven at 80 degrees Celsius for an hour

Chop the basil and oregano leaves with a knife

Add the chopped herbs to the proofed dough, knead well so that the herbs are evenly distributed and cover again with a towel and leave for about 40 minutes

On a floured workbench, knead the dough and divide it into 8 equal parts.

Roll out each piece thinly into a strip about 8 cm wide and about 20 cm long

Panini with dried tomato filling

Place lightly oven-dried tomato slices on a strip of dough, at equal intervals

Twist at both ends, toward each other, as pictured

Panini with dried tomato filling

Pin the ends together.

Brush the panini with olive oil on top and let stand for about 20 minutes

Panini with dried tomato filling

Bake in a preheated 180 degrees Celsius oven until golden

Panini with dried tomato filling

Cool it down a bit.

Panini with dried tomato filling

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